2016 Muster – Learn more about Dr. Tobin Redwine

Background information concerning Dr. Tobin Redwine, who will be speaking at this year’s Muster. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Dr. Redwine grew up on a farm in Lazbuddie, a rural community in Northwest
Texas. After serving as the Texas FFA President in 2003-2004, he earned a Bachelor of
Science in Agricultural Leadership and Development at Texas A&M University in 2008.
While there he developed an affinity for ugly shirts and cheesy jokes. He earned a
Master of Science degree in Agricultural Communications at Texas Tech University in
2009, and a PhD in Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications at Texas
A&M in 2014.

Dr. Redwine is currently an assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural
Leadership, Education and Communications at Texas A&M University. He teaches
photography, media writing, and other courses in agricultural communications and
journalism. Dr. Redwine also researches storytelling. Specifically, his line of inquiry
examines how we discover stories, how we make meaning of stories, and purposeful
messaging, all in the hope that we can better understand how to tell the story of
American agriculture.

He and his wife Shanna, who is infinitely better looking and more intelligent than he,
live in Montgomery, Texas, with their toddler son Eli, who enjoys bananas and yelling in
obscure ancient languages.

An enthusiastic presenter, Dr. Redwine has shared encouragement and optimism at
more than 800 schools and organizations. His speaking and teaching style have led him
to more than 30 states and 10 countries. He has been recognized internationally as a
teacher and researcher, and is perpetually spouting less-than-witty puns.

Dr. Redwine is also a freelance journalist, photographer, music enthusiast, and amateur
habanero salsa maker.